Home Learning Support – Year 1

In the event of a school closure or self-isolation, we would like to support your child whilst they are working at home. If possible, try to encourage your child to spend time on a range of different activities covering the main priorities of Maths, Reading, Phonics, Writing and Science. Some children are already absent and self-isolating and this pack is intended to be used whilst you are not at school.

Please encourage your child to do try their best on as much of the work as they can manage. Some children will need additional support and explanation of tasks.

To be eco-friendly we are sending home a workbook from Reception that wasn’t completed.  We have left the work in too, for you and your child to see.  Please use the rest of the book for work during the closure.  You can also use additional paper if needed.  Please try and keep all work together.

Electronic copies of resources will also be available via the school website.  I plan to use Dojo as my main method of communication with parents as it is quick and easy.  There is a section called portfolios whereby I can set tasks and the children can respond and reply.  I’ve not used this before but it looks good and we’ll give it a go.



So far we have covered-

Number: Place Value (within 10)

Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 10)

Geometry: Shape 2d and 3d

Number: Place Value (within 20) Tens and Ones eg 14 is made up of 1 ten and 4 ones

Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 20)


In the pack you will find a plastic wallet with useful Maths resources.  These are things that we use in class regularly:

Number lines     10’s frame          100 square         Number and word mat

Set of counters to colour and cut out       Set of digit cards to 30

Set of 1-10 numicon shapes         Part whole model            < > signs             

These are designed to support your child’s learning and can be re-used in other sessions. 

I have provided website links for Maths and also provided two workbooks for your child to complete.  I am not sending home any new learning, so whatever I send home, we have covered in class in some format.  The focus in school is on a Mastery curriculum which requires the children to talk and explain in a lot more detail than you may be used to.  Please encourage this at home too.  Try saying things like, “Can you prove it?” “How do you know?” “Why doesn’t that work?” “How many different ways are there?” “Why…?”

During practical sessions with your child eg playing with Lego, baking and out in the garden you could link in Measures- length, height, weight and volume.  The measures unit will be new learning but experience and opportunity for the children is the best to support them in learning these concepts in the future.

Maths links/websites







Easy maths activities

Count – forwards, backwards, (Challenge* count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s)

Read, recognise and write numbers to 20 in words and digits.

Count me… Find me… Sort the…


Snakes and ladders

Card games



Please read with your child daily.  This may be their reading book, share a book together, read other information around the house, or make a game up. Anything to get them reading.  They need to hear you read too, so it is important that you read lots to them.  Take it in turns to read, or try out our echo reading whereby the adult reads a bit first to model the fluency (expression and pace) and then the child reads it.

We have put extra reading books in this pack for you.


Oxford Owl (create a parent log in and you can access ebooks for your child’s level).


I sent home all relevant phonic sound mats at February half term, so I have not reproduced these again for you.  I will make them available electronically on the website.

In the pack you will find a trick word mat Phase 2-5. Use this for reading and spelling practice.  Make matching games, bingo games etc using these words.

Alien words are non-sense words but the children need to use their phonic knowledge to read them.  Use the phonic screening word check as an idea what the children will be tested on later in the year.

Make lists of rhyming words eg cake, snake, bake, take etc


phonicsplay.co.uk  (Use school log in details to access games and resources.  There is a parent section too)




The children have been really trying to improve their letter formation, handwriting skills and basic sentence formation.  There are some writing stimulus in the packs as ideas.  I have also included a child friendly checklist for writing.  You will notice it increases with requirements.  Use it as a guide, it’s not intended as a must have list for right now, but I think it’s useful you know what we are working towards by the end of the year. Encourage lots of drawing, colouring and writing opportunities.  It doesn’t always have to be sat at a table with a pencil and paper. Use a paintbrush, finger paints, play dough letters, get creative and share your child’s work on Dojo. Use this time to really focus on those basic fine motor skills and letter formation.  Lots of talk before writing is so important so if you are doing more sentence work and longer pieces of writing then encourage your child to think it, say it, then write it.  Read it back and check it.  Make changes and improvements as they go along.

Writing ideas- write a letter to someone, keep a simple diary whilst at home, write shopping lists, write dinner ideas (menu planning), job lists (things to do around the house) 


As we won’t be allowed out and about as usual you will need to be creative in getting outdoors.  Spring is the perfect time of year to carry out observations in the natural world.  So if you have a bit of outside space then do some bird watching, take photos of the changing buds on the trees.  Keep a weather diary, what do you notice? Any patterns etc?

Inside there are lots of practical inside learning opportunities you can provide too.  Twinkl have a Science pack for use at home.


We will update more specific Science ideas/lessons asap.

General websites



BBC Bitesize

Cbeebies (lots of games, songs and ideas)

 Facebook Pages

The Imagination Tree


Communitree Outdoor Education Specialists

The Speech Bubble 

 100 square maths resource.pdfDownload
 Counters maths resource.pdfDownload
 Digit cards to 30.pdfDownload
 Greater than less than.pdfDownload
 Number word mat.pdfDownload
 Numicon shapes.pdfDownload
 Part whole model.pdfDownload
 Phonics screening words.pdfDownload
 Tricky word mat.pdfDownload
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