Home Learning Support – Year 2

In the event of a school closure or self-isolation, we would like to support your children whilst they are working at home. If possible, try to encourage your child to spend time on a range of different activities covering the main priorities of maths, reading and writing.

We encourage children to do try their best on as much of the work as they can manage. We are aware of how difficult this might be and have included more than is needed to provide children with choices on what interests them.

Work should be completed as much as possible in the PURPLE exercise book provided. If using a worksheet to complete work please put the title of the sheet at the top of the page. If something can be completed on the sheet/booklet, please do to save paper.

Work that is included in the home learning packs are:

  • Maths and English
  • Some examples of past SATs papers
  • Examples of arithmetic tests.
  • Timetable practise sheets

Reading for pleasure is paramount! Time should be set aside for reading at length. If possible read together (with adults and to siblings if possible), asking questions, making predictions and discussing texts. All past SATS papers can be accessed online at www.satpapers.org or via the www.gov.uk and it would be helpful if the children explored the comprehension questions evening if just discussing them together. We would be happy for children to also read books from home. Please record in the PURPLE exercise book given.


Additional support:

We have attached another sheet with alternative ideas we would like you to try and complete.

Children have been given their usernames and passwords for the websites school already has purchased subscriptions for these include:

  1. SATs companion (https://app.satscompanion.com/login) – everything in the year 5/6 curriculum for Maths, SPAG and Reading.
  2. ttrockstars.com  – timetable and division practise.
  3. readtheory.org – children can complete short online comprehension activities tailored to their reading level.
  4. spag.com – online spelling, grammar and punctuation tests and practise.

Websites we are useful at this time include:


  • Write diaries to explain what your home learning experience has been like.
  • Write letter to members of the class (if you send them to me via Classdojo we can share them around to everyone and keep everyone cheerier.
  • Write a letter and send it to an elderly relative, an elderly neighbour or someone who is in self-isolation.
  • Practise year 1/2 spellings
  • http://www.pobble365.com/ - write stories from the pictures

Extra challenge:

  1. Write a balanced argument (2 arguments in favour of home-learning; 2 arguments against home-learning).
  2. Write a formal persuasive letter to either continue with SATs (you have worked very hard) or to postpose SATs)


  • Reading comprehensions
  • Write a review/record a review on a book you have read.


  • Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) has free exercise workouts on Youtube.
  • Yoga tutorials/videos on Youtube.
  • Create a home workout/circuit for the people in your house.
  • Go for a short walk if permitted.
  • gonoodle.co.uk

Life skills:

  • Help/support somebody in need. Support family and friends in isolation by ringing regularly/face time.
  • Learn to cook 2 savoury dishes
  • Listen to cook 2 sweet dishes.
  • Learn to play a new board game
  • With an adult, learn how to sew on a button; change a zip; hem your pants; fix holes in clothes.
  • With an adult, learn how to check the oil in a car or change a tyre.
  • With an adult, learn how to do washing/iron your clothes.
  • With an adult, learn about to pay a bill/budget using real life examples
  • Help and clean around the house.
  • Practise playing an instrument if you have any available.

Down time:

  • Reading
  • Puzzles
  • Board games
  • Drawing
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Colouring
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Gardening (if permitted) 
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