Monday 20th July 

We made it! It has been wonderful teaching you all this year and I wish you all the best as you move into Year 3! 

I have attached some learning that can be done over the summer holidays to prepare you for Year 3. Please keep reading at least 3 times a week and keep practicing the Year 1 and 2 spellings!



September Topic Organisers!

 Animals Including Humans Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
 Maths Place Value Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
 Stone Age to Iron Age Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
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 Year 2 Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Maths - Fact Families.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Maths - Bonds to 100.pdfDownload
 Topic - Plants.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension - Michael Collins.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - Maths - Recognise quarter.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - Maths - Recognise half.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - Maths - Find quarter.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - Maths - Find half.pdfDownload
 Science - Plant Diary.pdfDownload
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