Home Learnig Support – Year 4

In t.he event of a school closure or self-isolation, we would like to support your children whilst they are working at home. If possible, try to encourage your child to spend time on a range of different activities covering the main priorities of maths, reading, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar), writing and science.

We encourage children to try their best on as much of the work as they can manage. We are aware of how difficult this might be and have included more than is needed to provide children with choices on what interests them.

Work should be completed as much as possible in the PURPLE exercise book provided. If using a worksheet to complete work, please put the title of the sheet at the top of the page. If something can be completed on the sheet/booklet, please do to save paper.

Work that is included in the home learning packs are:

  • Maths/English/Grammar – home learning packs,
  • Reading comprehension sheets
  • Comprehension Work
  • Some examples of Science Experiments linking to our current topic of Sound.

Reading for pleasure is paramount! Time should be set aside for reading at length. If possible read together (with adults and to siblings if possible), asking questions, making predictions and discussing texts. We would be happy for children to also read books from home. Please record in the PURPLE exercise book given.

Children have been given their log ins for:

  1. ttrockstars.com  – timetable and division practise.
  2. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button - practise square number, times tables, number bonds


Websites we are useful at this time include:


  • Write a script based on parts of the Roald Dahl book, ‘The Witches’. Maybe the part when the Grand High Witch is explaining about the Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker or a different part of the book. You could find clips of the film online to help you.
  • Write letter to members of the class (if you send them to me via Classdojo we can share them around to everyone and keep everyone cheerier).
  • Write a letter and send it to an elderly relative, an elderly neighbour or someone who is in self-isolation.
  • http://www.pobble365.com/ - write stories from the pictures

Extra challenge:

Create a set of instructions on how to make a cake or biscuits or how to tie your laces.


  • Write a review a review on a book you have read.
  • Record a review on a book you have read – if you send it to me I will put it on our Dojo


  • Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) has free exercise workouts on Youtube.
  • Yoga tutorials/videos on Youtube.
  • Create a home workout/circuit for the people in your house.
  • Go for a short walk if permitted.
  • gonoodle.co.uk

Life skills:

  • Help/support somebody in need. Support family and friends in isolation by ringing regularly/face time.
  • With an adult learn to cook dinner/snacks/ cakes/biscuits.
  • Learn to play a new board game… create your own!
  • With an adult, learn tie your shoe laces
  • With an adult, learn how to make breakfast
  • With an adult, learn how to do washing
  • With an adult, learn about to pay a bill/budget using real life examples
  • Help and clean around the house.
  • Practise playing an instrument if you have any available – you’ve all been great at learning the recorder!

Down time:

  • Reading
  • Puzzles
  • Board games
  • Drawing step by step tutorials
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Colouring, meditation (lots on YouTube to follow!!)
  • Music/Dancing
  • Gardening (if permitted)


Friday 21st May 2020 

Continuing using the Roman Numerals PowerPoint from Wednesday complete the calculations from the sheets below. 

Start with:

  1. Roman Numerals and Numbers to 10 Matching worksheet 
  2. Roman Numeral Activity Sheet
  3. Roman Numerals Maths Mastery 

Good Luck 

 roman-numerals-activity-sheet 2.pdfDownload
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Carry on with the work set on Monday or use some of the words on the Year 3 and 4 spelling list to make a crossword (see example on activity 1) . If you wanted  you could even do the clues to the crossword..


Either download the efficient methods homework sheet below or explain how you would do the following calculations efficiently


34 +  50=          72-69=           34+ 20 =     199 + 99 =           459 - 453=         748 + 30 =     569 - 560=       1242 - 1042 =    6732+ 199 = 




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Wednesday 20th May 2020



Either carry on with the downloaded work from Monday or try to make as many words as you can my adding prefixes and suffixes to other words

e.g  continue= Continued = continuing= discontinue discontinued discontinuing

Here are some good words to use: accident, appear, certain


To continue with efficient methods on classroom secrets Kids there is a tutorial on efficient  methods of subtraction and a game on efficient methods have a go at that. If you like there is also a Year 3 game on efficient addition you can have a go at to revise.


Continuing with our Roman theme - I thought that we could revisit Roman Numerals - how many can you remember? 

Using the PowerPoint below - can you complete the challenges? 

Then can you teach someone in your family about roman numerals - then set them a few questions? 

Good luck and remember to let me know how you are getting on by sending a message on dojo! 

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 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Cursive.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Print.pdfDownload
 Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet.pdfDownload
 Word Lists.pdfDownload
 Word Search.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Term 3A Week 5.pptDownload
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Monday 19th May 2020


We are going to concentrate on spelling and vocabulary this week using the Year 3 and 4 spelling lists You can do this by either accessing all the weeks work on from the files section above or by doing the daily tasks below. I will also add the weeks spellings below.


Activity 1 - Look a the word important - how many other words can you get from it?  E.g port, ant or tan ant 

Can you do the same with - history appear  particular  notice  continue  sentence.  Which word can you make the most other words from?  Can you come up with different words from which you can make other words.




In Maths we are going to  go back and look at efficient methods of adddition. Go onto BBC Bitesize and look at the 29th April. Watch the videos and do the acticities. You can do the activities by printing the sheet, writing them in your book or on paper or you can just talk them through with an adult. Remember any problems get in touch



 I hope you all had a good weekend and are safe and well. 


Continuing from last week - we are still learning about the Romans. As the task on Friday was quite a big task - and you may not have finished it all - I thought we could continue looking at Roman Gods. 

Listen to the song by following this hyperlink - 


  • Can you learn the song? 
  • Can you teach it to a member of your family? 
  • Could you write your own version about Roman Gods? 

Using the song and the PowerPoint below either;

  • Create another fact file or information poster about a different Roman God 
  • Create a song that will help you remember as many Roman Gods as possible  - teach it to someone you live with! 

Any problems - let me know. 

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Friday 15th May 2020


Finish the English set at the start of the week


Have a go at some of these multiplication problems

  1. Hats : £18 Sunglasses : £26


How much would it cost to buy 5 hats and 8 pairs of sunglasses?


  1. Oranges : 32p Apples : 29p


How much does it cost to buy 8 apples and 7 apples?


  1. Hotel Room : £56 Parking : £22


How much will it cost for me to stay in the hotel for 6 nights if I need to park my car each night?


  1. Television : £122 Mobile Phone : £34


The shop sells 8 televisions and 10 mobile phones during the day. How much money has the shop made?


  1. Chocolate : 32p Lolly : 26p


I buy 6 chocolate bars and 9 lollies. How much money will I have left from £5.00?




  1. Trainers : £44 Football Top : £33


The shop sells 8 pairs of trainers and 7 football tops. How much money has the shop made?



  1. The school is having a charity event. The target is to raise £632. 32 children have each raised £7 each. How much more money is needed before they reach the target?


  1. The church is having a charity event. The target is to raise £1400. 188 people have raised £6 each. How much more money is needed to reach the target?


  I hope you are all keeping well and safe. 

To continue our recap on The Romans, we will be looking at Gods and Goddesses and The Roman Army. 

Follow these two hyperlinks to watch a short video about the Roman Invasion and a compilation of humorous clips from Horrible Histories, about the Romans. 




  • Using any information from the clips - and completing some of your own research - Choose a Roman God or Goddess and complete a fact-file about them, including illustrations. You can find some extra information and an example of a fact file on the Roman Gods worksheet. 
  • Using the information from the videos and the Roman Army PowerPoint, create your own poster or booklet that would encourage or discourage someone from joining the Roman Army!! 

There is quite a lot there so do as much or little as you can manage - but remember to share your work on dojos as we love seeing how you are doing at home. 

Any problems - just get in touch via dojo or call school. 

Take care 

 Roman Army PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Roman Gods.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 13th May 2020 


Sticking with the history topic from the beginning of the year ... look at the PowerPoint and watch the video by following the hyperlink below.


Then look at the questions in the, 'Writing Role Activity Sheet' - you can choose which sheet you would like to complete - or complete them all! 

You'll be thinking about how different people are affected by what happened. 

Remember to share your work on dojo - we always enjoying seeing the work you're doing. 

Stay safe and well. 

 Lesson Presentation Boudiccas Rebellion.pptDownload
 Writing in Role Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Monday 11th May 2020


Carry on with the poetry work set on Monday



Either complete the worksheets above or try the following calculations (They are the same). If you need support watch the videos from Monday again  

 3 x 167       137 x 3       261 x 4      319x 3      629x3      417 x 6     130x 9    617x 9     243 x 4     805x6     709x7    256x 8


291 x 4     398x4        645x6       492 x8    919x3    483x3


I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend - in the sunshine!

I thought we could carry on with a history theme this week and revisit The Romans

Look at the timeline below and use the information to create your own timeline with illustrations and adding extra detail - test yourself to see if you can remember all the main events that happened during this period of history 

Follow the hyper-link and watch the Horrible Histories clip about the Invasion of Britain - can you add anything extra to the timeline.  


 Timeline of Events.pdfDownload
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 'Code-Cracking for Beginners' Morse Code Worksheet.pdfDownload
 KS2 VE Day Differentiated Fact File.pdfDownload
 KS2 VE Day Themed Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft.pdfDownload
 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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