Week Starting Monday 18th January 2021


The videos Mr Bowden uses for the English and Maths are linked below if you prefer to use these

https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-explore-the-functions-of-a-colon-c5hkjd - English - colons

https://vimeo.com/464199475 - Maths  - line graphs


WednesdayEnglish- Information Retrieval https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-retrieve-information-from-a-non-fiction-text-part-1-6cw32d

Wednesday Maths - Reading and interpreting Line graphs https://vimeo.com/464199069


Below are some useful slides for the English on Wednesday 


Maths  Exercise For Maths - 20th January 


Geography  Use the slides below to compare peoples' lives in Greece, Norway and the UK (The actual power points can also be uploaded at the bottom if you can use these they work better.

 cfe2-t-2545497-norway-information-powerpoint_ver_1 (2).pptDownload
 Modern Greece new.pptxDownload
 t2-t-16344-facts-about-greece-information-powerpoint_ver_5 (1).pptDownload
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Other subjects.

Lessons Week Commencing 18th January 2020


Dance – follow the moves of the dancers on this video


Then practice breathing with the Whales


Or follow Marcus Rashford’s PE Lesson




The link goes to an hours BBC live lesson which will help you

  • Be inspired by and respond to music
  • Improvise and compose their own music
  • Listen to music, paying attention to particular details
  • Understand basic musical notation
  • Be part of an audience for and appreciate a live musical performance
  • Learn about a range of different musical styles and composers
  • Use their voice, body and musical instruments to experiment creatively with rhythm, melody and


It is an hour long should be split up into at least 2 lessons – unless you are truly inspired and want to carry on – Would love to see the results




Recall the numbers 1-10 in Spanish  - Use the work booklet to practice the numbers in Spanish – The power point is added below to help. Also you can use the following link. Can you do some Spanish Maths?


Computing – carry on with the Purple Mash chimps work and when you have finished create something with the free code section – Tell me what you have achieved

 Spanish Numbers.pptxDownload
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Maths - Arithmetic slides for the week - 

Start at the appropriate level for you, and work your way through. 


 arithmetic 18 January.pdfDownload
 arithmetic 19 January.pdfDownload
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Maths - Miss Davies - Shape

 We are continuing with our shape topic. This week we will cover the properties of 2D shapes and then move onto calculating angles. The PowerPoints have examples of questions in and then there are some White Rose sheets that can be completed. 

Shape lesson 21st January - both sheets can be completed. 

Maths lesson 19th January.

 Lesson 2 Shape - sorting using a Venn Diagram.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 shape - properties of 2D shapes.pdfDownload
 Miss Davies - Shape Lesson 4 - comparing and ordering angles.pdfDownload
 Miss Davies - Shape lesson 4 - White Rose Identify-angles-2020.pdfDownload
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Reading - Miss Davies - Charles Darwin

 By the end of the week we should be coming to a conclusion on our Charles Darwin biography and discoveries before we move onto inference. 

Reading lesson 21st January 

Reading lesson 19th January 

 Miss Davies - reading lesson 5 - Charles Darwin's Finches.pdfDownload
 Miss Davies Reading Lesson 4.pdfDownload
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Art with Mrs Bayliss - Thursday 21st January

Mrs Bayliss has added a video to class dojos and these are the powerpoint slides for this week's piece. You are using your maths skills to create a geometric pattern inspired by Kandinsky


Additional spelling practise. Practise the year 3/4/5/6/ spelling words attached below. 

 year 5_6 spelling words.pdfDownload
 Years 3_4 spelling words.pdfDownload
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Maths - Statistics - With Mr Bowden

Statistics is the study of graphs and tables. We will be looking at interpreting pictograms, and bar graphs as well as comparison, sum and difference this week to access the mearning materials click on the links below

The video sessions are the same slides which will be used in the online lesson with a commentary. Children should complete all the work on the work slides in their Maths book. Tine should be taken over completing tables as shown in the live lesson to keep work neat and tidy. Pencil should be used to draw tables and charts. Rulers should be used for straight lines. If you haven't got a ruler use a straight edge such as the side of a book. School can provide a ruler if required. When you have completed the work upload onto dojo and we will take a look.


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English Writing.

These are the videos that we will be using in class and on the live lesson. Listen to the videos and complete the tasks in your English/topic book. At all times think about handwriting/ presentation and spelling. On completion upload onto dojo and we will have a look 



Below is the Lesson and  task for Lesson 2 on features of a .biography

Europe Topic: This week we are doing Geography and  comparing and contrasting different places in Europe

The work should be completed across the 5 topic sessions in the week. Once you have completed the lessons. What else can you find out about the countries in the lessons and can you present all your information as a 2 page spread. The film below gives a brief introduction to the topic and the PDF contains the work..

PE -

Here's a few options:

1) Go for a lovely long walk outside

2) This is PE - Coordination with ball skills - fun home activity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvySZYSZFNY&feature=emb_logo  


Computing -

Go to Purple Mash on the internet - if you need your login please ask the teacher Via Dojo. Go to the computing section and select coding. Carryout as many of the chimp activities as you can - they start very simple and get harder.

Art - 

Wassily Kandinsky Powerpoint

Wassily Kandinsky Remote learning 1.pdf



Use the Spanish booklet below to practice saying hello and goodbye. I have also put on a powerpoint which makes it much more fun if you can access it. Practice with someone if you can



Maths – Shape:



Knowledge organisers:

 Book Knowledge Organiser – Holes by Louis Sachar.pdfDownload
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