RE - Investigating modern religions


Before half term we looked at the Gods the Anglo Saxons/ Vikings and Ancient Greeks worshipped. Over time people in Europe and Asia stopped believing in these Gods turning to other religions such as Christianity and Islam. In other parts of the world other religions grew up at different times. What can you find out about modern religions - can you see how they are similar and different to each other? Can you see any similarities and differences with religions of the Ancient Greeks, Vikings and Anglo Saxons? I wonder why people changed their beliefs? 

Use the link below and the table to help with your thinking



SCIENCE. - Inheritance, and DNA Monday 22nd February

Last term we looked at Charles Darwin and Evolution and how animals adapt over time to their environment. This week we will look briefly at how this happens. How we look the way we look and adaptation can take place over a long period of time. Both in Year 5 and Year 6 we have discussed sexual reproduction and how this creates a new animal or plant. However why is this animal or plant different to its parents and how do we know this?


Watch the following films to help you understand what all living things are made of and what decides whether we will be a tomato or a human!  Warning to parents - some of these films do use the scientific names for the human reproductive parts. - simple cartoon about inheritance   Goes into much more detail about cells, chromosomes and DNA  - talks about the history of the discovery of inheritance and DNA


When you have watched these films - look at the powerpoint below then carry out the inheritance activity on the documents below to help you understand

History - Week starting 8th February 2020..


This week we are looking at how the history of Greece, Britain and Norway are interlinked. We are going to concentrate on Gods but you may wish to extend your study wither into one Country or another area of all three.

1. Your first task is to find out when in time the Ancient Greeks, Anglo Saxons and Vikings were important in History. Can you draw a timeline showing when these civilizations existed. Extension - How long did they survive for. How did they come about and why did they disappear - How do we know about them?

2 The Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Ancient Greeks had many Gods some of them are very similar - can you use the information on the attached power points and any other information you can find out about them. On the second powerpoint are some tables to help your thinking. 


3. How do we know that these Gods existed? - Were they represented in Art, writing, mythology, any other ways?


4. How do these ideas effect our lives today - Think about the days of the week and the months of the year in particular.?


5. Can you look at other areas of people's lives in these cultures how were they the same or different? Is there any way the climate and environment affected the way they lived?





How have bears adapted to different environments? - Study the European or brown bear and the polar bear - compare them to find out (If you want to challenge yourself - Imagine you are Charles Darwin - how would you explain how the bears have adapted over millions of years)


Brown Bear


Polar Bear





Learn about how some amazing creatures have adapted through evolution to their life in Northern Europe

Unfortunately I am struggling to get the links working from the document below - you can download it and the links work then or they are listed below in order




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Geography Week Starting 17th January


Geography  Use the slides below to compare peoples' lives in Greece, Norway and the UK (The actual power points can also be uploaded at the bottom if you can use these they work better.