Tuesday 19th May


We've been really busy with angles over the last few weeks but now we are going to move onto something new, some real life skills beginning with time!!

There are some guidelines for parents included first to support learning the time at home.

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 Use the template to write a newspaper report about what has happened since the government closed schools and why it has happened. Think about the style and tone of writing. Which features do you need to include for a newspaper report? 

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Wednesday 20th May


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Consider the government's plans for the proposed reopening of schools in June. Make a list of arguments for and against reopening. Ask people in your family for their opinion. Include as much detail as you can, it will help you with the work tomorrow!!

Thursday 21st May


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 Use your notes from yesterday to write a balanced argument discussing whether or not schools should reopen in June. We were working on balanced arguments before school closed, think back to the features and style of the writing. You should write a general opening, a couple of paragraphs for AND against reopening and then give your overall opinion in the concluding paragraph. It would be great to read some of these so either send some photos or drop them into school if you can!

Friday 22nd May


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Design a poster to encourage hand washing and practising safe hygiene that we could use when school reopens. Think about the age of your chosen audience and how to provide and eye catching, clear message about what children need to do!!

Monday 18th May


Continuing with our topic on angles here are the next two sheets. Remember angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees and angles into quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees. 



As you have now been at home several weeks, I hope you are helping to do some jobs around the house or 'chores' as the Americans would say. 


 Y6-Summer-Block-1-WO7-Angles-in-a-triangle-missing-angles-2020 (1).pdfDownload
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Thursday 14th May/Friday 15th May 

Challenge idea:

 We would like you have a go a designing an app that could be solved to resolve a current problem or a previous problem in history for example you could design a app that would have helped people in WW2 to have found a safe bunker/air shelter. Or think about the current app WHAT3WORDS which has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address., this is used by the emergency services to help locate people. 

  • What is the purpose of your app?
  • How will people use the app?
  • Who are the intended audience? (who will be able to use it?)
  • Will it be a free app or a paid app?
  • What is the logo for the app?

You could create a powerpoint or simply present your work on A3 paper. App Design worksheet above to help if needed!


Our next topic would have been the circulatory system. Here are two knowledge organisers to help you learn some of the key facts and a couple of mini quizzes.

 circulatory system knowledge organiser.pdfDownload
 circulatory system mini quiz.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 13th May.


Have a go at these reading comprehension and questions. There is also recommended further reading (which you may be able to find on the internet) if you are interested in the texts. 


Continuing with our topic of Angles, here are the next three worksheets. 

Remember angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees. Angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees, angles around a point add up to 360 degrees and opposite angles are equal. 

 Treasure Island Reading Comprehension with answers.pdfDownload
 Why the Whales Came Reading Comprehension with answers.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 12th May

 Another astronomy update...did anybody see any meteors or the Supermoon the other day? I thought it was really quite beautiful! Tonight is also another key date in the astronomy calendar for May.  Tonight there is the close approach of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - you may see them as three very bright stars relatively close together. 


Hope you enjoyed the opportunity to give your opinion on home schooling. Who managed to write 200 words? Did anyone write even more? Here is the next one in the Quick Fire Write sequence. 

What are your views on the importance of children playing freely:


Maths and English booklet:

Classroom Secrets have released another home learning pack. 

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Monday 11th May

This would have be SATs week this week. Despite them not going ahead, we want you to know just how proud we are of the amount of work you have put in prior. It will all stand you in good stead ready for high school. Below I have found a poem which I feel sums up how we might be feeling at this strange time. 

Remember me and Mrs McConnell love seeing all your work. Send pictures of your work and we'll upload them to Twitter (@LyndhurstCPS). 

Just remember – a poem for Year 6


Just remember your times tables, we said, you need to know them all,

Breakfast is a must for you to grow big, strong and tall,

Adjective, adverbs, and use the correct tense, you’ll need it when you write,

As each and every one of you tried with all your might,

And learn those spellings too, we groaned, each and every rule,

They won’t treat you like this, we moaned, or be as understanding at high school,

“Where’s your homework again?” we screamed. “You won’t get away with this!”

“You’ve given us too much already and now I’m stressed out, Miss!”

“We’ve made mistakes and learned so much and ready to try our best,

But Miss, it’s unfair, we’ve worked or socks off, and now they’ve cancelled our test!”


Just remember my little ones, you’ve made us very proud,

But forget the learning, your personalities will stand out from the crowd,

Just remember you never gave up when it seemed so far from the start,

You learned as much as you possibly could and really did play your part,

Just remember what you’ve achieved and who you’ve become now,

Stand in front of your family, proud, and tell them to clap as you bow,

Just remember my Year 6s, what matters is you’re safe and well,

And one day, this insane story, you’ll be able to share and tell,

And one last thing, we do miss you, but sure we’ll see you before school’s end,

Just remember: look after each other, love, and be kind to all family and each and every friend.


Poetry could be deemed to be a forgotten art! Have a go at writing your own poem....it could be about school; SATs; isolation/lockdown or you could take inspiration from Michael Rosen's book and write a poem about your favourite cake (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6heoor)


Kick start the week revising keep topics with a fun maths challenge booklet "The mystery of the cinema suspects"


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Friday 8th May

VE DAY - 75th Anniversary

Celebrate VE day with your family. Enjoy the time together. 

Official commemorations will begin at 11am with a national moment of remembrance and a two-minute silence. The BBC will lead a series of special broadcasts including a speech from the Queen (9pm) and other Royals plus an extract from Winston Churchill’s speech which announced the end of WW2. 

Can you use your imagination to empathise with how people would have felt this time 75 years ago? If you had been there, how would you have been celebrating this momentous occasion?

Thursday 7th May

 What a jam-packed day this could be...


Another date for the diary tonight if you're interested in Space and Astronomy. Tonight (7th May) is that last Milk Moon of 2020. It's a name given to the moon when it is in deemed to be a Super Moon. Could you capture some photos of the moon? Could you create some art work using different mediums to show the beauty of this Super Moon. 

Pre VE Day celebrations. 

Cross-Curricular work:

Tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of VE day, a day to celebrate the end of WW2. If we were in school we would have been celebrating it in some way. Read the fact file and complete the comprehension task to fully understand the importance this day would have held. 

You could decorate your house with Union Jack bunting, make some traditional wartime recipes (there's even a eggless chocolate cake) and hold a mini picnic/street party from your front lawn - all from a socially acceptable distance of course ;) 

Use some of the resources given below to research.  Once finished you could present the information you have learnt in a poster or a leaflet. 

 KS2 VE Day Differentiated Fact File.pdfDownload
 Union Jack Bunting.pdfDownload
 VE day comprehension pack.pdfDownload
 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 6th May


Revise your knowledge of angles...remember opposite angles are equal. 

 Y6-Summer-Block-1-WO4-Vertically-opposite-angles-2020 (1).pdfDownload
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 Look at the pobble 365 picture of the day.  Complete all the challenges. 

  • What vehicle is the driver operating?
  • What might he have seen in front of him?
  • What is the weather like outside?
  • Is there anyone else depending on the driver to salvage the situation?
  • What happens to your body when you start to panic?
  • Have you ever panicked? How did you overcome the feeling?

When finished, there's a challenge going around where you have to find your favourite pobble365 picture (just scroll through the different days at the top) and recreate it. The funnier the better; send your attempts and we'll upload them to our Twitter page. 

Tuesday 5th May

Fancy something a bit different today to keep those creative juices and because I uploaded a fair few bits yesterday. 

STEM Activity/Science:

When we were in school, we had just finished our electricity topic. See you if can have a go at making static electricity uses resources you should have available at home. 

 Static Electricity Experiment Activity.pptxDownload
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Something for a bit of fun:

 You need to work out the title for each book from the emoji clues. 

 emoji book challenge.jpegDownload
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Monday 4th May:

 A four day working week this week, as Friday is a bank holiday to celebrate 75 years of VE Day (wahooo one less day to complete work!) 

We love seeing all your completed work, see if you can get yours shown on our school Twitter page. 


May is a good month for astronomy. Keep your eyes peeled, who can get the best photo?

There are a few key dates (I'll post each one in advance) The first starts tonight. 

4th May - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower (30+ meteors per hour). Make a                           wish if you see one. 


Continuing with our topic of Angles from WhiteRose, here are the next two worksheets. The PowerPoints are there to help you if you need them. 

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You're all living through this extended period of homeschooling. Watch this video about homeschooling compared to traditional schooling. Can you write a minimum of 200 words expressing how you feel? Which do you prefer? What would you change if you could? Do you feel that some elements of homeschooling should be introduced into traditional school life?


Friday 1st May

Welcome to May, it looks like this month is bringing the rain but hopefully it will clear soon and we can all get back outside!!

We have had contact from one parent that they are having difficulty downloading the tasks so we are working on that and hopefully what is here today should cause no problem. If anyone else is having a problem please let us know.

English - Have a go at the reading comprehension about fidget spinners and practise using correct punctuation!

 Fidget Spinners Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Punctuation Task- with answers.pdfDownload
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Maths- Use the Topmarks Daily 10 to choose your own ability level and improve your quick maths skills!


Topic- Think back to your topic work on Living Things and complete the assessment to see what you remember!

 Y6 End of Topic Living Things and Their Habitats Test.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 29th April

 Something different for Maths today- Have a go at these reasoning problems...

 Reasoning problems 29.4.docxDownload
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Choose a short story idea and get writing!!

 short story.docxDownload
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Tuesday 28th April

I hope everyone got on well with the work yesterday, don't forget you can message us on dojos if you have any queries!

Here is the work for today:

Maths- Do the next two lessons from White Rose. Here is the video link to the tutorials again.


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Monday 27th April

Good morning everyone! I hope you've had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and have been keeping active and busy! We will be making phone calls to everyone this week to see how you are and just keep in touch so let us know if you need any support.

Now for some learning for this week..

Literacy- Write a letter to your teacher, talking about what you have been doing since school closed and what you are looking forward to when restrictions are lifted. You could write it in your purple exercise book or on paper and post it to school addressed to either Mrs McConnell or Miss Davies.

Maths- We will spend a few days this week looking at the White Rose Maths lessons for year six, continuing with angles. Please watch the video link to each lesson to ensure you fully understand what you are doing. Try to complete lessons 1 and 2 today.

Here are the video links for the lessons this week:


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