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 Drawing Translated Shapes Power Point.pptxDownload
 Mathematical Talk and Varied Fluency - Position and Direction.docxDownload
 Mathematical Talk.docxDownload
 Nets of 3D shapes Power Point.pptxDownload
 Problem Solving.docxDownload
 Reasoning and Problem Solving - position and direction.docxDownload
 Translation work sheet.docDownload
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 drugs and substance misuse powerpoint (1).pptDownload
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 Activity Sheet Reading Comprehension David Attenborough 1.pdfDownload
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Home Learning- Week Commencing 29th June

We will have welcomed some of our year 6 children back to school this week whilst some of you continue your learning from home. We will make sure we cover the same areas to keep you all making good progress!!

This week we will continue to focus on Statistics in Maths. Our English focus will be Playscripts and use of direct and indirect speech. In PSHE, to help us prepare for starting High School, we will be thinking about 'Making new friends' and 'What is good about me'. Science will focus on the effects of smoking on the body.


Have a look at the examples of playscripts and use the work sheet to adapt parts of 'Little Red Riding Hood' from a narrative to a play. Once you have though about the features, why not have a go at writing a playscript of your own? You can base it on a story you know or make one up completely from scratch!!

There is also a lesson on BBC Bitesize to have a look at..


 Direct and Indirect Speech powerpoint.pptDownload
 Direct and Indirect Speech worksheets.pdfDownload
 Feature spot.pdfDownload
 Features check list.pdfDownload
 Have a go yourself.pdfDownload
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Continue with the White Rose work on statistics, watch the powerpoint to go with each activity to help you.

 Lesson 1- Pie Charts.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1- Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Lesson 2- Pie Charts.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2- Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Lesson 3- Draw Pie Charts.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3- Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Lesson 4- Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Lesson 4- The Mean.pdfDownload
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PSHE- Follow the links and have a go at the lesson!


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Science- Talk to someone at home about smoking. Why is it dangerous? What can it do to you? Complete some research on the subject and use it to make a poster warning people about the dangers of smoking!

Home Learning- Week Commencing 22nd June

Well done for the work you are doing at home, what you have been sending through on Dojos looks fantastic!!

Remember there is a paper copy on the work at the school office if you need to come and collect work from there.

We will be focusing on Statistics, Information Texts and the effects of eating and exercise on the body.


There are different types of information texts all around us. Some that tell us how things work and some that tell us more about things such as animals.

Have a look at the input here on information texts. Read the examples, have a go at annotating them and completing a feature spot.

Choose a subject that interests you and have a go at writing an information text of your own. I am looking forward to reading them at the end of the week!

I have also included a book scavenger hunt to encourage you to keep reading!!

 Book Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger Hunt.pdfDownload
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 Animal Information Texts.docDownload
 Example Information text.pdfDownload
 Explanation Example Text.pptDownload
 Genre Features Checklist.pdfDownload
 Word Mat.pdfDownload
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Have a look at the lessons on statistics using White Rose. Each lesson has a powerpoint for you to look at before you complete the activity,

 Powerpoint Lesson 1.pptxDownload
 Powerpoint Lesson 2.pptxDownload
 Powerpoint Lesson 3.pptxDownload
 Powerpoint Lesson 4.pptxDownload
 Worksheet Lesson 1.pdfDownload
 Worksheet Lesson 2.pdfDownload
 Worksheet Lesson 3.pdfDownload
 Worksheet Lesson 4.pdfDownload
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We are learning about diet and exercise and their effect on the Human Body.

Look at the powerpoints and watch the videos, discussing the questions with someone else in your household.

Have a go at doing some of the Joe Wicks workouts and keep an exercise diary for a week.

Look at the information about healthy eating and complete the activities that go alongside it.

 Exercise Log.pdfDownload
 Healthy Eating Divided Plate Sorting Activity.pdfDownload
 Healthy Eating Food Pyramid Writing Activity.pdfDownload
 Why we need to exercise..pptxDownload
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Home Learning- Week Commencing 15th June

Don't worry, I know it's the weekend but I am posting this while I have a chance! I am going to leave the tasks from last week on here as I know some people haven't completed them yet and may need time this weekend to do so.

I will leave a paper copy of the tasks at the school office on a Monday morning every week so if you don't have access to a printer you can call in and the office staff will copy a set for you.

We will be focussing on Time, Reading challenges, the Circulatory System and Local area study this week.


You can complete a task a day from this Reading booklet. They may not be too long however the more detail you include in your answers the better!!

The guide is there for your adult to have a look at and support you with the tasks.

 Reading VIPERS Guidance.pdfDownload
 reading-pack-Year 6.pdfDownload
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Telling the time and using timetables is an important life skill, especially with High School fast approaching! Work your way through this booklet throughout the week. It may help you to make your own clock at home too.

 Year 6 Maths- Time.docxDownload
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Read through the knowledge organiser on the Circulatory System and explain what you know to someone in your family.

Complete the mini quiz then check and correct using the answers.

 Y6 Circulatory System Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
 Y6 Circulatory System Mini Quiz ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Y6 Circulatory System Mini Quiz.pdfDownload
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Have a look at some maps of the local area. Look for key places for example school, your house, local shops, train stations, Police stations etc.

Can you work out where your High School is and plan a route there?

You can go and practise finding your way there and back in preparation for September. Link this to your Maths work and time how long it takes you to get there and what time you will need to set off to arrive on time. If you will need to get a bus, look at the bus route and timetable to plan your journey.

Finally, have a go at the local area quiz!!

 Local Area Quiz.docxDownload
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Morning Year 6!!

I know some of you were expecting to be in this week and we are disappointed not to see you! In the meantime, we will provide work on here for the next two weeks. As time spent completing home learning is now going on, we will need to see what you are completing regularly. Miss Bayliss will be checking your work and getting in contact to find out how you are getting on. Moving forward you need to upload photos and examples of work to Dojos as it is completed.


                                                                                           Duolingo for Schools

Morning Activities.... Have a look at these and try one each morning to get your brain working!

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Have a look at the Biography of JK Rowling. Complete the reading comprehension. 

Choose a famous person that you admire and write a Biography of their life.

Have a look at the example of a formal letter. Use this to write a letter to the subject of your Biography.

 J.K. Rowling Fact File.pdfDownload
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 Genre Features Checklists.pdfDownload
 Y6 Letter Writing Formal Example Text.pdfDownload
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Look at the video links for the White Rose maths this week and use the guidance to complete an activity each day.

 Year-6 white rose video links.pdfDownload
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