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Monday 29th November 2021


Here's a recap on a video to help you remember what we have been doing: and 

We are going to be adding and subtracting 1s digits from a 3 digit number - you can use any method that we have gone over in class. I will upload a challenge for adding and subtracting 10s from a number if you want to really challenge yourself! I've put up 2 levels of work - the first 2 are if you're finding it OK but if you're struggling there are 2 other sheets you can do below. 



Our spelling pattern this week is making adverbs with the -ly suffix. If you're not sure on what the words mean here is a link to a dictionary so you can find them out! 



Today's task is to correct the punctuation mistakes and fix my sentences! I have missed out capital  letters and full stops and I've spelled some of my words wrong.., can you fix them for me?


Guided Reading 

Find your group colour below and complete the work. If you've forgotten your colours send me a message and I'll tell you which group you're in. 


Religious Education

Your task for RE today is to find out what happens in a Church. How do Christians show their beliefs in a church? 


Maths - addition

Maths - subtraction

Maths - I'm finding it tricky addition

Maths - I'm finding it tricky subtraction

Maths Challenge!


English - spot my mistake!

English -fix my sentences!

Guided Reading - Orange

Guided Reading - Yellow, Blue & Green

Guided Reading - Red