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Monday 29.11.21


Comprehension practise:


Children to log on to using their login details for (a minimum of ) 30 minutes and complete their personalised quizzes to improve overall comprehension. 

Reading lesson: 29.11.21:

Comprehension questions based on The Highwayman as we are continuing to read this in class.  For retrieval questions you don't need to write in full sentences (by this I mean you don't need to reword the question into your answer) however your answers need to make sure that they answer the question and are punctuated correctly.  For inference questions remember to structure using POINT + EVIDENCE. For questions that require a detailed answer, these would be your 3 mark questions in a test so structure using POINT, EVIDENCE, POINT EVIDENCE (PEPE)

I have also attached a copy of the poem so that you can refer to it to quote as evidence in your answers.