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Remote Learning


In the event of school closures for any reason, we have a plan for remote learning so that all children can continue with their education. This meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance ‘Remote Education Support’


For details of our offer for remote learning please see the document below and the associated policies:


Lyndhurst Remote learning offer 

EYFS Remote learning Policy

KS1/KS2 remote learning policy

Rules for Live Learning 

Live learning risk assessment 


The staff have worked tirelessly in ensuring that learning continues if your child is at home due to a national or local lockdown, self-isolation or if their is any other unavoidable school closure. All remote learning documents can be found under the relevant class page on the Home Learning tab or on your child's class dojo page. If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support children and their families. Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning. 




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