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Home Learning

Friday 21st January 2022

Good morning everyone!
Thank you all for your understanding and continued support, we really do appreciate it.

I have put together a few different activities. Please do not attempt to do them all, just choose the ones that best fit your family and situation today.

* YouTube counting songs/rhymes (these ones are good!): 
* Go on a number hunt - what numbers can you see around your house?
* Practice number formation. This doesn't have to be written with pen and paper, why not use your finger on a steamy mirror or a plate of flour!

* Share a story/poem/nursery rhyme with a grown up.
* Talk about your favourite stories at home or in nursery, why do you like them?
* Can you tell your grown up a story?

* Practice writing your name (you may need to trace over your grown up's writing).
* Draw a picture of your favourite mode of transport. If you're feeling very creative, you could even design your own! I'd love to see what you come up with!

* Talk about sounds you like and sounds you don’t like and why.
* Use your voice to make sounds like a car, a dog, a ghost, a train and bubbles under water.
* Play the game ‘I Hear with My Little Ear’! Take it in turns to imitate the sound of something and guess what makes that sound. You could imitate the sounds of things found around your house, like a clock or a telephone, or of recognisable animals like a cat or dog.

Other challenges:
* If you have a bike or a scooter, go for a ride!
* Can you help your grown up make a healthy snack?
* Play your favourite music and have a dance. Ask another member of your family to choose a song and have dance together! Are your dance moves different for each song?
* Make someone smile!

We would love to see what you get up to so please send your pictures/videos on dojo portfolios and I will be giving out lots of dojo points!

Hopefully see you all very soon!



Nursery home learning –  29/11/21

I am including a range of activities for you to choose from today!
Please do not attempt all of them but choose the ones that are most appropriate to fit you and your child today.


* Can you make 1/2/3 snowballs?
- Who can throw them higher, you or your grown up?
- Who’s snowball was the biggest/smallest?

- Sing along together!
- Can you show the correct amount of fingers as you go along?



* Enjoy a story together! I would love to see pictures that we can add to our reading display at school.

* Mark making in the snow!
- Can you write your name?
- What about drawing a picture?
- Or lots of round circles and straight lines?


Extra challenges :

* Who can carry on learning how to put on their own coat? Remember, hood on first and then put your arms in!

* Could you help a grown up make your lunch? Maybe even a hot chocolate to keep you cosy!

* Tell your grown up 3 things you can see outside, 2 things you can hear and 1 thing you can feel.

* And finally, have fun! We don't get snow very often so make the most of it!

I will be on dojos throughout the day so please send over pictures of all the things you get up to today! We can share tomorrow when we’re hopefully safely back in school.

Stay safe everyone!



Monday 5th July

We did it! Last day of isolation, good job everyone!


Today's work:

* Reading
* Phonics
* Art and Design

Here is Miss Blyth reading this week's story - 'The 3 billy goats gruff'



Have a go at the following activity.
When you have finished, see if you can spot 3 things in your house that start with the 'a' sound.

Art & Design:

Draw a picture/send a picture of something you have enjoyed the most while being at home.
Here is mine:

I have spent lots of time playing with Archie!
He has been very sad that we can't go on our usual walks so we have played fetch with his favourite ball.


Hope you are all looking forward to coming back to nursery tomorrow - we can't wait to see you all!


Friday 2nd July




* Reading
* Zoom Catch up (10:30 am)
* Phonics


1 dojo point for every difference you spot!


Zoom Catch Up:

Join us on zoom at 10:30am this morning for a chat and some games!
We’ve missed you all! Bring a snack and a grown up and we will see you there.

Link will be on class dojos!


Keep on practising the ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’ song – I can’t wait until we can all sing it together.


Thursday 1st July

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Today's work will focus on:

* Reading
* Phonics
* Art & Design


Listen again to the story ‘Little Red Hen’ (or alternatively, YouTube has versions too!)

  • Can you tell your grown up when the animals were not being good friends?
  • What should the animals have done to be good friends?
  • What do you do that makes you a good friend?

If adults could scribe down the answers/thoughts the children have, I would love to see them!
We have lots of good friends in nursery so it would be nice to collate the ideas and share them together.

You can also find a range of stories on our virtual library here, on the school website: 

Here is Miss Blyth reading the story from Monday:


Play the game ‘I Hear with My Little Ear’!
Take it in turns to imitate the sound of something and guess what makes that sound. You could imitate the sounds of things found around your house, like a clock or a phone, or of recognisable animals like a cat or dog.


Art & Design -

The little red hen loves bread, it’s her favourite food.
Can you draw your favourite food and tell me why it is your favourite.
My choice would always be pizza but no pepperoni for me please!

As always, I hope you are all doing good listening and helping your grown ups at home!

Tomorrow, I am planning to do a zoom call so you can all catch up and have a chat - this will be at 10:30am and a link will be sent out tomorrow morning on our dojo page.

In the meantime, if there is anything I can do to support you at home, please let me know! 


Wednesday 30th June

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all well & keeping safe!

Today's home learning includes:

* Maths
* Writing
* Special family time activity


Can you make a picture of the little red hen using items found in your house?

Think about the shapes you need…
Circle – head/body
Triangle – nose


Practise writing your name, ask an adult to model this for you.

For those staying with us in nursery next year, tracing your name would be a brilliant first step!
Use different colours/writing tools to make it more engaging.
Send me pictures on dojos – I’d love to see them!

Family time:

Enjoy some quiet time with your family.

Maybe you could do something fun together such as:

* Watch a movie
* Bake
* Play a game
* Get creative

Your grown-ups are working very hard to keep you safe and happy at home, so take it easy on them and let them win a game or two!

I have really enjoyed seeing all your hard work so far this week, I'm going to share some of your work on class story tomorrow so make sure you ask parents/carers to send me some pictures/videos of you being brilliant!

As always, if there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to contact me on dojos!



Tuesday 29th June

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Today's home learning includes:

* Maths
* Physical Activity
* Reading

Farm yard I spy.
How many of each animal can you find?
Have a go at writing the number – your grown up will need to model this for you (if you’re staying in nursery next year, you can trace your grown-ups writing!)

You do not need to print these if you don't have access to a printed. Either have a go on a screen or use a similar idea but with objects round your house (cushions, lego pieces, pasta etc).

Physical Activity:


Extra dojo points for children that get their family involved too!



Learn the song ‘Old Macdonald has a farm’.
There are lots of examples on YouTube but it’s always more fun to sing with your family at home!


Monday 28th June

Good morning everyone!

Here is today's work for you to have a go at at home...

* Story
* Phonics
* Fine Motor Skills Challenge

Story - The Little Red Hen

If you would like to re-read the story, you can find it here...

 The little-red-hen-story-powerpoint.pptxDownload
Showing 1-1 of 1



Practise making the sounds that you may hear on a farm.
What animals live there?
What do they sound like?

Dojo points for anyone that sends me a video of them doing the sounds!


Fine Motor Skills:

A few weeks ago, a pack was sent home to all nursery children containing pompoms, cups and tweezers/scissors.
Today, I’d like you to have a go using the tools to create patterns/letters with the pompoms.
It would be really helpful if your grown up could draw or write the pattern/letters on some paper for support.

I will make sure to have work uploaded by 9am every morning, with a link on dojos.
If there is ANYTHING you need, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Stay safe everyone!








Friday 26th March

Last day of isolation - We made it!
Can't wait to see you all back in school on Monday morning!

Today's work includes:

* Phonics
* PJ Party Zoom - 10:30am
* Maths
* Topic

(10 minutes)


Snack Time zoom- PJ Party! – 10:30am

No need to get ready for today's catch up - keep your pyjamas on and be ready to tell everyone about your week!


(10 minutes)

Find 6 of your favourite toys, e.g. a plastic doll, a superhero, a bear, a toy dog, a dinosaur and plastic troll, trying to make sure they are all different sizes. Stand them up and put them in order from the shortest to the tallest.
Is the biggest one in the line-up the biggest toy you own? How big is the biggest toy you own? What could you use to measure it?



Today is the last day of our ‘people who help us’ topic.

Think about the people that you know and the people who help you (Mums and Dads, Grandparents, shop assistants, headteacher, post man!)
Make a thank you card for one special person that helps you and makes you smile!




Well done everyone for making it through a very tricky week - we are so proud of you all, parents included!
Let's celebrate!

Thursday 25th March


Only 2 more days to go!
Hope everyone is doing okay and keeping safe.

Remember to send all the work you are doing over on dojos - we love to see it!


Today's work includes:

* Phonics
* Snack Time Zoom - 10:30am
* Maths
* Topic


(15 minutes)


Snack Time Zoom - 10:30am

Link sent out on dojos!


(10-15 mins)

Can you name these shapes?

I hope you had a good breakfast this morning as you are going to need it!

Shape hunt time!

You have 2 minutes to find examples of each shape around your house.
Ask a grown up to keep a list so you can show us on dojos!

Good luck!



Have you ever seen a lollypop man/lady?

What is their job?
Why is it important?

My challenge for you today is to make a lollypop man/lady’s stop sign out of things you can find in your house!

This might be a good time to get the playdough out (recipes are in your home learning packs!)

Make sure you send me your hard work on dojos!



Wednesday 24th March

We're nearly there! You're all doing a fantastic job (parents included!)

Today's work includes:

* Reading/Maths
* Snack Time zoom
* Understanding the world (Technology)
* Physical development challenge


Listen and watch the ‘5 little monkeys’ nursery rhyme (you can also search this on YouTube if that is easier!)

Encourage children to join in with repeated phrases.
Can they show you the number of monkeys jumping in their bed with their fingers? How many different ways can they make 5 - for example, 3 fingers on one hand 2 on the other or just 5 fingers on one hand.


Snack time zoom – 10:30am


Understanding the world (technology) –
(10 mins)

Ask a grown up if you can use their phone/iPad/tablet (with supervision).
Can you take a picture of something that makes you feel happy?
Tell a grown up why it makes you feel happy J

We would love to see your pictures and explanations on dojos so please send them in!


Physical Development (health and self-care) Challenge! -
Practise putting your coat on and zipping it up all by yourself.

Remember, hood on first then arms in!
Lots of dojos for anyone who learns before we are back on Monday.


Nursery class are currently isolating. Your child should not be leaving the house unless it is for medical reasons.

Stay safe, stay home!

We can't wait to have you all back safely in school.



Tuesday 23rd March

Very impressed with your hard work yesterday nursery - It was lovely to see what you had been doing at home!

Today's work includes:

* Physical Development
* Snack Time Zoom
* Topic
* Reading

Physical Development- 

(10 minutes)

Put your favourite music on and have a dance!
Can you move in different ways?
* slithering
* shuffling
* rolling
* crawling
* walking
* running
* jumping
* skipping
* sliding
* hopping

If the music is slow and quiet, try moving slowly. Quick loud music means quicker dancing!

Snack Time Zoom - 10:30am

A chance to have a little bit of fun with your friends!
Hopefully Miss Blyth can send out the correct link today (should be the same one as yesterday!)


(15/20 minutes)

George had a great day at school painting his favourite toy.
Can you draw/paint your favourite thing to do at school?

Can’t wait to see your masterpieces on dojos!



Find somewhere cosy (or really cool like a den!) and ask someone at home to read your favourite story with you.
Can you help them turn the pages carefully and hold the book the right way up?

Tell your grown up why you like the story.

Hope everybody is staying safe and well!
If there is anything we can do to support you during this challenging time, please let me know.

See you at 10:30am for snack time! 



Monday 22nd March


Hope everybody is doing okay and staying safe!

Today's work includes:

* Phonics
* Live snack time zoom - 10:30am
* Maths
* Topic

(10 minutes)

Snack Time Zoom - 10:30am

We are going to do a live zoom (link will be sent on dojos) every day at 10:30am. This will give us all the chance to catch up, have a chat and a small bit of 'normality'!


(10-15 minutes)
Sing as loud as you can!
Extra dojos for anyone that manages to get a family member involved!

Everyone should have a copy of the number formation sheet in their home learning packs, they look like this:

If you’ve already used it or misplaced it, don’t worry! Your grown ups can write them out for you and you can copy/write over the top in a different colour.


(15 minutes – or longer if you’re having fun!)

This week we are carrying on with our ‘people who help us’ topic!
Today you are the teacher!

Here are some ideas:

* Read a story to the people in your class (your family at home)
* Role play!
* Teach your family something you enjoy (could be counting, about an animal/your favourite thing or even some games!)
* Practise writing your name (you could even add a ‘Miss’ or ‘Mr’ if you want a full ‘teacher name’!)


I am always available on dojos – please do not hesitate to contact me!

Miss Johnson and I will do snack time zooms daily at 10:30am where the children can catch up, have some fun and see their friends.

We would love to see how you’re getting on at home with your learning so please send us pictures/videos on dojos and we will be giving out lots of dojos in return!

Stay safe!






All pupils in Nursery have been offered a place in line with government guidance. Therefore we will not be producing home learning packs for pupils who are not accepting their place. You can of course follow the links below for support at home. 


Some practical ideas/resources and a homework booklet have been left outside the school office for those choosing to keep their children at home - please only pick up between 9:30am-2:30pm.











Reading is everything. Read as much as you can at home.

Children are to read from their own reading book or download and read a free e-book from Oxford Owls- parents will be contacted with the correct Oxford Level for their child.





Here are some ideas for literacy including some phase two phonics activities.


Early Years Areas