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SEND Home Learning

Some children will need additional support whilst at home with you. 


The four areas of need in the SEND Code of Practice are:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Physical and sensory.


Cognition and Learning

Children who need help with learning may need to access work from a different year group, please feel free to use the other year groups.  They may also need information given in smaller chunks, longer time to complete tasks and more practical equipment to secure their understanding.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health  (SEMH)

This is a significant area of need in the current situation. Please check in with your child regularly throughout the day.  How are they coping? Do they need anything? Can you help in anyway?

Being at home is strange for everyone at the moment so please bear with them if they are displaying some different/difficult behaviours. Be positive. Stay calm and breathe! You may find some useful resources in the ‘Zones of regulation toolkit’ attached. The children may be familiar with some posters and resources that we use in school. 

Provide chill out times, don’t have lessons back to back planned or it will go horribly wrong!  It’s not the end of the world if a task doesn’t get done.  There’s always tomorrow! Your child’s SEMH and your own SEMH is more important!

Try and do some mindfulness activities and time for reflection. What has gone well today? What didn’t go to plan? What have we learned from that? How can we make tomorrow better? Make a list of 3 things that made you happy today. 

As we have to stay at home try and keep in touch with family and friends via text, phone and video calls.  This will be important to maintain relationships for your child.  Things are different but it won’t last forever and things will go back to normal, but your child may need support with this.

Have a look at the ‘9 weeks of wellness’ for ideas too, appropriate in our current situation. This is for adults too!

Keep in touch with your child’s class teacher via Dojo for any questions/if you need support.  If you need to ring school for further help, please do and I can get in touch with you.


Communication and Interaction

Whilst you are at home there are lots of things you can do to promote good communication with your child. Make sure you have time in the day to talk to each other and play games without any other background distractions, eg having the TV on.  Give your child time to think and respond to you. Model lots of good language for your child to hear.  Play alongside them modelling the language you want them to use. have information on how to talk to children about Coronavirus.  There are activities and game ideas for you to play at home too.  They also have a Facebook page.


Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

If your child is currently under the NHS service for SALT, please follow their current targets. If your child was due to be reviewed shortly, this will obviously be re arranged.  You may receive further information/advice direct from NHS SALT.  

Some children may struggle with a different routines and this will be a challenging time for them and you.  You may find that planning their day will be helpful.  There is a blank timetable attached for you to download along with additional pictures you may find useful at home.  Alternatively you can just draw/write your own. Keep it simple.


Physical and sensory.

This can be hearing loss or visual impairment, sensory processing difficulties and physical difficulties.

Your child may have sensory difficulties and you will know what they do/don’t like.  If you have attended the Sensory Processing Workshop at Rowan House then use some of those strategies to support your child at home.  I have found a useful document called ‘Making sense of sensory behaviour’ and attached it for you. This is a practical guide for parents/carers at home.

If your child has targets from an Occupational Therapist, continue to work on those at home.


The following websites may be useful: 

General websites

BBC Bitesize

Cbeebies (lots of games, songs and ideas)


Facebook Pages

The Imagination Tree


Communitree Outdoor Education Specialists

The Speech Bubble



If your child has been seen by our Educational Psychologist, then Dr Richard Skelton is happy to be contacted via email if you need advice and support.

His details are:

I have added two resources from Richard; 'RESOURCE Parent Pack' and 'Resources and Activity ideas'. 


For any further advice or support contact school who will pass on to me. 


Thank you


Mrs Chapman 


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