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wc 29th November 2021

wc 22nd March 2021 


Lesson 1 on addition to 20. Counting on. 

Watch the White Rose teaching video Spring1.2.2 - Add by counting on on Vimeo and complete the activity sheet. 

Tuesday 23rd March 

Add ones using number bonds. 

Watch the White Rose video and complete the attached sheet. 

Spring1.2.3 - Add ones using number bonds on Vimeo


Wednesday 24th March

In class we haven't completed all of Tuesday's Maths, so to keep everyone on track, I am setting some more addition work for today.
Encourage your child to count on when adding the numbers. 10+7
Step 1- identify the biggest number (10) and then circle it on the number line.
Step 2- add the other number by counting on (7 individual jumps) and circle the number you land on. Make sure you do individual jumps not one big jump. 
Step 3- count and check eg go back to 10 and say 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Represent the calculations with counters too. 

Challenge- make up a story for the calculations, eg First I had 10 sweets.  Then my mum gave me 7 more.  Now I have 17 sweets.  Use FIRST, THEN, NOW to help you make your number story.