Support, Challenge, Inspire


Week commencing 17/1/2022

  • Choose one Maths sheet to complete a day 
  • Choose one English task to complete a day
  • Read for pleasure for 15 minutes a day 
  • Choose one other lesson to complete a day


Y3 Spelling words - gardener, gardening, limited, limiting, offering, offered, benefited, benefiting, focused, focusing 

Other group - copying, crying, replying, marrying, carrying, flying, trying, drying, skiing, taxiing


Maths - this week we have been focusing on column subtraction with exchanging (or stealing) from the 10s column. We say that it has a big bottom and we need to steal from its next door neighbour and put the extra 10 in the 1s column. Below you will find some questions to practise this skill and then there is a challenge if you find it easy!


English - we have been learning about Tutankhamun's tomb, we have been using pictures to help us come up with vocabulary we could use to describe the tomb. We thought of adjectives we could use and then put them in a sentence with prepositions for example The golden leopard with black spots was next to the small, white food containers. We then thought of what we would feel as we discovered the tomb filled with all the treasures. We read about Tutankhamun's tomb and we are going to have a look at Howard Carter's diary looking for features and vocabulary we could use. 


RE - we recapped what it means to be a Christian this week. Read through this 


Science - we are learning what the different parts of plants and flowers do. Their different jobs and why they look a certain way. I have put 2 powerpoints below that explain the different functions of the parts of a plant/flower, your job is to turn create your own page about the different functions of the flower and plant. 


History - we are looking at the timeline of Ancient Egypt and then a timeline of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age comparing the two timelines.