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Monday 29th November 2021

Hi many apologies that school is closed this is due to the fact that the heating is not working properly. and the temperature is below zero. I have attached some home learning documents below. These include a comprehension and some work on the au sound in spelling which a lot of us find difficult. In maths I have put in some revision on factors, multiples and prime numbers.


If you prefer to work without paper then you can write me a descriptive setting based on the snow scene outside your front door - can you use high level adjectives; metaphors and similes. You can practice your tables in anyway you like- concentrate on ones you are unsure of and try your division facts e.g. 2x3 = 6 so 6 divided by 2 = 3.  You could also remind yourself of the divisibility rules and work out multiples and factors of different numbers.


An exciting science experiment could be for you to see how long it takes snow to melt in your house. Get a handful (or more precise measure if you have one) put it in a bowl and time how long it takes. How much longer do two handfuls take - is it twice as long? Or get two handfuls in two bowls and add salt to one. Record how long each takes to melt - does the salt make a difference? Would sugar or flour do the same job.


Finally can you build me a snow man; take a photo and send it to me via dojo!


Have a good day and hope to see you tomorrow


Mr Bowden.