Hi everyone!
A couple of things that you can be doing during the final week of school/over the summer holidays.
We are going to be handing out a pack today with some Phonics sounds and Maths mats that we will be using in class from September. It would be great if your child was familiar with them by then, so have a look over them and see if your child can say each number/sound. In the pack there is also a little transition booklet that the children can complete and bring back to us in September so that we can get to know them a little better.
Read, read, read! Read stories often. This may be a reading book, share a book together, read other information around the house, or make a game up. Anything to get them reading. They need to hear you read too, so it is important that you read lots to them. Take it in turns to read, or try out our echo reading whereby the adult reads a bit first to model the fluency (expression and pace) and then the child reads it back.
Practise Phonics sounds by playing the games on this website, try the Phase 3 sounds.
Some online Maths games
Enjoy your summer holidays and we are looking forward to welcoming you back in September :)
Mrs Chapman and Mrs Fowler