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Welcome to our class page! 

In our class our teacher is Miss Wright with Mrs Anderson and Mrs Jones as our teaching assistants. 

We start our day at 8:50am and finish at 3:15pm, drop off and pick up is from the KS2 playground.

Our dinner lady is called Miss Bradburn


Our PE days are a Tuesday and a Thursday in the afternoon - send your child in in their uniform and then we will get them changed after lunch.


The children will have a morning and afternoon break, you will have to bring your own snacks as school can't provide them. Make sure they are healthy snacks such as rice cakes, fruit or vegetables. Make sure to send your child in with a water bottle so they can have a drink throughout the day. A friendly reminder that only water is allowed in your child's in class drink. 


We communicate on Class Dojo, if you need to contact me don't hesitate to message me on there. If you need your code for your child let us know and we'll send home a new code for you to connect. Also follow us on twitter @MissWright_LCPS


I will be sending reading books home, it is safe. Make sure you check your child's bag for books, make a comment and sign in their reading record and we will change the book in school the next day. Don't forget about our reading challenge! We would love to see you reach your bronze, silver and gold awards.


Homework will be sent out on a Friday  and brought back in by Wednesday. Each week your child will get their spellings, a times table or number bonds sheet, our knowledge organiser for one of our topics and a reading book. If you feel like your child needs extra support in an area send myself a dojo message and I can send home some more supportive work. At the front of their homework books will be a log in code for Numbots, Timestable Rockstars and Purple Mash - these are all educational and will support them with their learning.


Websites that will help your child:   - times table rockstars, this will help your child with times tables skills    - hit the button will help with number fact recall (number bonds and times tables)   - purple mash has lots of educational games on there


What we have learnt in our Great Britain topic:

 We have learnt all about the Stone Age to the Iron Age! We learnt that there were huge changes in our lifestyles - going from hunter-gatherers to farmers which led to us having more solid and stable houses. We have explored prehistoric art, looking at how natural paints can be made and creating our own line drawings of creatures. We have learnt how plants transport water through their body and that it's the root hairs that absorb water not the actual roots! We learnt that we are in the North West of England and are in the county Cheshire. 

Stone Age Workshop!

Animal Experience!