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Our teacher is Miss Morgan and our teaching assistants are Mrs Cooper and Mrs Whalley. Mrs Robinson is our lunchtime supervisor. 


Start and finish times

 Start – 8:50

Finish – 3:15


Reading and home learning expectations


Children will have a book in school which is closely linked to their phonics group and will read with an adult in school as often as possible. 

Your child’s progress in reading will be greatly aided by reading with an adult at home.


Children are more than welcome to read anything they would like to at home be it magazines or recipes to promote a 'love for reading'!

Please read at least 3 times a week.


PE kits


PE is on a Wednesday and Thursday.



 Our Curriculum Spring Term 2


This unit builds on the learning from Year 1 Multi-Skills: Bat and Ball and is designed to develop your children’s skills using a tennis racket and a cricket bat. They will recap how to hold each one correctly and will develop their striking skills from hitting a stationary ball to one that has been thrown or rolled by a partner. Each lesson contains clearly differentiated activities which allow children to practise and apply their skills both individually and as part of a team. This unit also introduces children to the use of simple tactics in tennis and cricket and provides opportunities for them to try these in small-sided games.



What can we learn from sacred books? 


  • Recognise that sacred texts contain stories which are special to many people and should be treated with respect.
  • Re-tell stories from the Christian Bible and stories from another faith; suggest the meaning of these stories.
  •  Ask and suggest answers to questions arising from stories Jesus told and from another religion.
  •  Talk about issues of good and bad, right and wrong arising from the stories.



  1. Learn that all living things have offspring relate to seeds and bulbs in plants. Cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, humans and babies
  2. Learn that some animals have offspring which don’t look like them – frogs or butterflies
  3. Learn that in the right conditions off spring grow – relate to plants – not all the seeds grow?
  4. Recall the conditions for a plant to grow
  5. Learn that animals need water, food and air to grow (animals cannot make their own food so have to get energy from elsewhere)
  6. Learn that in order to grow well humans need a healthy diet
  7. Learn what vitamins are and that fruit and vegetables give us most of these
  8. Learn about protein and the food that gives us this
  9. Learn about energy and carbohydrates are and the food which gives us this
  10. Learn about the importance of water
  11. Learn about how much of each food is good for us
  12. Learn about the importance of exercise in keeping us healthy and strong


 Snack information


Please ensure you bring a water bottle to school every day. There will still be fruit available for snack at break time.



We communicate through Class Dojo if you need me do not hesitate to drop me a message.


Please bring your reading books to school every day. Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be returned to school by Wednesday.



Links to Support Learning



Learning to read (also available in an app)

Click here to find the 'common exception words' which year 2 children need to be able to read and spell.






Thank you for you continued support


Miss Morgan