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Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support gives help and support to pupils as well as providing information, advice and guidance. We always work in close partnership with teachers, parents/carers and other specialist agencies.

Our aim is to identify any concerns or issues at the earliest possible opportunity and remove any barriers to learning which may be preventing our pupils from reaching their potential.

We pride ourselves in knowing our young people well and working alongside the teaching and support staff we aim to develop positive relationships with them and their families. We respond as quickly as possible to any issues and ensure that difficulties are discussed and resolved in the best possible way.

At Lyndhurst, we have a team of people who are responsible for the pastoral care of the children. Mrs Savill is our Pastoral Manager and Mrs Carr works alongside her promoting children's safety and well-being, monitoring attendance and running specific interventions such as nurture groups or social skills groups.

Daily check-ins are an important part of the pastoral care that we offer and are part of the Restorative Approaches that we follow. Each teacher will check-in with all children during morning registration. Class teachers or Teaching Assistants will follow up with any children who may need further support. Additionally, some children have targeted daily check-ins with a named member of staff to support them in school.

Children are made aware they can come and talk to the pastoral team or any member of staff to discuss issues they may be experiencing. All school staff will always listen, comfort and work together with the child and families to ensure a positive outcome. ‚Äč


The Pastoral Support Team commonly offers help and support in the following areas:

  • Behaviour support/ Management Emotional help
    any worries or concerns you or your child may have
  • Difficulties settling into school life
  • Parent/carer support
  • Friendship issues
  • Links to specialist external agencies when needed Motivational groups
  • Changes in home circumstances Attendance 


Mrs Savill has an “open door” policy, from 8am to the end of the school day.

Mrs Savill and Mrs Carr can often be found outside the main entrance at to start/end of the school day.

Tameside have produced a booklet to help you find the help and support you need. You can access it by clicking this link here.

More information about our Snug (Nurture group) can be found here