Sponsored Obstacle Course - 13th to 16th July

During the week beginning 13th July, each class will be given the opportunity to take part in this event. We would like children to collect as many sponsors as possible before they take part, and bring in their completed sponsor forms into school on Tuesday 13th July.

Don’t worry if your child can not gather sponsors - they will still be able to have a go.


Unfortunately, due to the current COVID restrictions, parents will NOT be able to attend.


Your child’s sponsor forms will be returned to them after their event and will include the time they took to complete the course. We would like sponsor monies collected and sponsor forms returned to school by Friday 23rd July at the latest.


Watch the videos below!

Foundation and Key Stage 1 course is slightly different from Key Stage 2.

Upcoming Events



Friday 11th June 2021 - Non-Uniform Day

 This will be Non-Uniform Day and we are asking children to donate sweets for our Summer Sweet Raffle which will take place during the last half term.


Monday 5th July 2021

 Raffle tickets go on sale today for our General Raffle - £1 for a strip of 5 tickets. The draw will take place on Friday 23rd July 2021.


 Wednesday 21st July 2021

Children will have the opportunity to have a go on the Sweet Raffle throughout the day in school. £1 a go - everyone a winner! 

Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th July 2021 - Sponsored Obstacle Course


We would like as many children as possible to collect sponsors before completing the Obstacle Course - all children will be able to take part even if they do not collect sponsors. Sponsor forms will be sent out Monday 28th June.

We hope to post a video of the course soon!

We ask that sponsor money is collected and brought to school by Friday 23rd July 2021.





Wednesday 28th April 2021 @ 4pm


Our next PTFA meeting will take place, via zoom, on Wednesday 28th April from 4pm, in which we plan to

discuss possible Summer fundraising events & activities.


All are welcome!


If you would like to join us, please message Miss Gee at donna.gee@lyndhurst-primary.co.uk, and I will send you the zoom link a few days before the meeting.


Look forward to seeing you!