Support, Challenge, Inspire




At Lyndhurst we offer the children as much variety, support and challenge as possible ensuring that children develop a wide range of skills, techniques and disciplines across the academic year.  With enthusiasm and enjoyment at its core, teachers at Lyndhurst along with a PE specialist aim to inspire and support children’s learning along with challenges specific to the learners.


We believe that when learning about PE, teachers should support, challenge and inspire children to develop the qualities of a good sports person.


The qualities that children at Lyndhurst will develop are:

  • The capacity to obtain new knowledge and skills and develop an understanding of PE.
  • The readiness to practise skills in a range of different activities and to be able to adapt to the situations. This may be alone or in groups and having the ability and knowledge to apply these skills in chosen activities and perform to a high level.
  • To have the physical and mental endurance to participate in sport. To understand that being physically active has a positive effect on the body.
  • To develop teamwork, independence and resilience through leading, officiating and evaluating instilling excellent sporting attitudes. 
  • To support and inspire children to have a willingness to participate eagerly in every lesson. To develop positive attitudes and a passion about taking part in PE.