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Relationships and Sex Education 

At Lyndhurst Community Primary School, we understand the importance of educating pupils about sex and relationships, in order for pupils to make responsible and well-informed decisions in their lives. Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) needs to start early in primary school so that children learn about their bodies, can recognise if other people make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe and can report abuse and get help. Lots of children start puberty before they leave primary school so it is important that all pupils know what to expect before it happens.


What does the Guidance say?

The DfE’s guidance, ‘Sex and Relationship Education Guidance’, defines this programme as: “Learning about physical, moral and emotional development; understanding the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. It is also about the teaching of sex, sexuality and health.”

The programme will be taught objectively and does not intend to promote any form of sexual orientation. However SRE absolutely must be inclusive and relevant. The following points are just some of the features of contemporary society which need to be acknowledged:

  • Some parents/carers are in same-sex relationships;
  • Some children are adopted;
  • Some children have special educational needs or disabilities and may have different concerns and questions from their peers;
  • There are many different family structures;
  • Some children may live with domestic violence;
  • Some children may already ‘feel different’ about their sexuality;
  • Children of primary school age are known to have participated in ‘sexting’;
  • The age at which some children reach puberty is as young as 9 (year 4 or 5);
  • Religious and cultural differences need to be accommodated;
  • Access to pornography and harmful material is easier than ever;
  • The illusion of the perfect body still persists in the media and pressurises young boys as well as young girls.


Aims and objectives:

The sex education and relationship programme is an opportunity for pupils to:

  • Develop an understanding of sex, sexuality and relationships.
  • Develop a range of appropriate personal skills.

The aims will be achieved through developing an understanding of:

  • A range of values and moral issues including the importance of family life.
  • The biological facts related to human growth and development, including reproduction.
  • The importance of healthy relationships


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